HostPapa Webhosting Plans 2016

Launched in 2006, HostPapa is one of the web hosting companies that deliver green services to its clients. It is well-known for the reliable uptime it delivers and the highly-dependable customer support. HostPapa also supports non-English languages, meaning that it is a web hosting option for the whole world. The hosting plans are also flexible to meet the need of each user. Here are the HostPapa Webhosting plans.

HostPapa Webhosting 2016

1. Shared hosting plans

Most of the websites rely on the shared hosting, and HostPapa delivers it as the least expensive plan. It is also the best choice for small businesses and individual websites. The plan comes in three packages; Starter, Business, and Business Pro.

• Starter Package. This is the basic package that costs only $2.95 a month. With this package, you get two hosted websites, 100 email accounts, 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, among others.
• Business Package. This one is on a limited offer, which goes for $2.95 a month, and you get unlimited bandwidth, storage, and websites. You also enjoy unlimited email accounts.
• Business Pro. This is the best option for business, and it goes at $12.95 a month. It features all the Business Package options but has an accelerated performance and speed.
Each of these packages come with a free domain registration, with an unlimited bandwidth, and an around-the-clock FTP access. Also, they all have security features like ongoing monitoring and a firewall.

2. VPS Plans

The VPS plans also come in three packages, and you can decide whether you want Windows-based or Linux-based hosting. The difference between the two is that Windows-based packages are more costly than the Linux-based.

The Linux-based plans include the VPS-Plus, which costs $19.99 for the first month, and you get 1.5 GB RAM, 50 GB storage, and four cores CPU. The other plan is VPS-Pro, which costs $39.99 for the first month, and it features 3 GB RAM, 100 GB bandwidth, and 8 Cores CPU. VPS-Premium has an initial cost of $109.99 a month, with eight cores CPU, 200 GB storage, and 6 GB RAM.

The Windows-based plans include VPS-Plus that costs $49.99 for the first month, with four cores CPU, 2 GB RAM, and 50 GB storage. VPS-Pro costs $89.99 for the initial month, with 4 GB RAM, eight cores CPU, and 100GB storage. VPS-Premium costs $159.99 a month, with eight cores CPU, 6 GB RAM, and 200 GB storage.

All the VPS plans have unlimited bandwidth and FTP accounts. You also get at least 2 IP addresses on each package.

3. Reseller Hosting Plan

The reseller hosting plan allows customers to set up a web hosting business with a customized name. After that, the customer buys a certain amount of bandwidth and disk space, and then they resell the services to other individuals or businesses. The Reseller hosting is divided into five; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium.

The cheapest plan is Bronze, which goes at $19.95 a month, with 50 GB storage, and 500 GB bandwidth. Titanium is the premium package that goes for $79.95 a month, with 200 GB storage and 1.4 TB bandwidth.

You can choose any of the HostPapa Webhosting plans, based on your budget and needs. Regardless of the package, you can be sure of getting the best web hosting services from HostPapa.

Rating: 5/5

Hostgator vs Bluehost

Without doubt hostgator and bluehost are two of the most reliable webhosting platforms on the internet. These two services have been providing top class webhosting service for all types of businesses from blogs to e-commerce sites for a very long time. But, before you conclude which of these services you should sign up with, it will do you a lot of good to check out this hostgator vs bluehost review. This will help you determine which of them will fit perfectly to your webhosting needs and save you headaches in the future.

The user interface

Once you sign up for most webhosting services, you are given access to a user interface, known as Cpanel, where you can do all your manoeuvres. Hostgator provides you with an interface that allow you to customize your data and upload applications like wordpress and joomla. Bluehost might have a simpler user interface, but it is no match for hostagotor’s customization flexibilities.


Engaging features that will allow you to create exciting tools is something every website owner must cherish. While both hostgator and bluehost provide a sizable amount of features, hostgator is clearly above the edge, providing you with multiple features that won’t make you feel like you are out of options. Hostgator provides free webhost transfer and weebly site builder, unlimited autoresponders, toll-free number package and a $100 adwords credit. Bluehost also provide some unique features like free drag and drop site builder, support for international domains etc. But these are features you can comfortable do without.

Pricing and space

Like most businesses with budget constraints, it is important that you consider pricing before you choose a webhosting service. Both hostgator and bluhost provide a yearly webhosting plan of about the same amount. But the advantage of hostgator’s pricing features over bluehost’s is that, while the former has a monthly billing system, the later supports only a yearly plan. In addition to flexible pricing, hostgator also provides you with unlimited number of website domains of which you can host on their platform. They also provide you with unlimited disk space to accommodate your images, emails, messages and files, and of course, unlimited bandwidth to give your visitors a painless browsing experience.

Technical support

Issues will always arise, but with good customer and technical support, you have nothing to worry about. It is good to note in this hostgator vs bluehost comparison that both companies provide 24/7/365 customer support for their clients. Depending on the issue at hand or the urgency at which you want it resolved, you can contact them through either email tickets, live chat or phone. Both companies are very dedicated to their customers.


One of the advantages about Hostgator is that they provide monthly coupon codes that individuals looking to signup for their webhosting plans can take advantage of. Their provided hostgator domain coupon codes are second to none in popularity.


Looking through this hostgator vs bluehost battle, it is clear that hostgator is the winner. But that doesn’t mean that you should not pick bluehost, if you so wish, as they have been providing webhosting for over 15 years. Hostgator gives you the chance to create unlimited emails, provides fast page load, and 45 days money back guarantee. It is also interesting to note that hostgator is a earth friendly company providing green hosting by using energy efficient servers and investing in renewable energy like wind power.

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